Andrew Johnston (Senior Partner) B. Proc

Upon leaving Northlands High School, Andrew joined the South African Police where he served in a Specialized Unit until 1981. Thereafter, he commenced his law studies at the Natal University.

After graduating in 1985, Andrew commenced Articles and after his two-year period, he was admitted to practice as an Attorney. In 1989 he joined a prominent legal firm as a junior partner, his main area of expertise being representing clients in both criminal and civil proceedings.

By the year 1993, Andrew had established a substantial criminal and civil practice and opened his own legal practice conducting business under the name and style of Johnston & Easton-Berry Inc. In 1996, Andrew commenced practice as a sole practitioner, under the name of Johnston & Partners. Andrew Johnston is currently in partnership with Thabisa Ngcobo.

Andrew has been involved in a number of high-profile cases and continues to represent a number of the major Corporates with his main emphasis being on Commercial Litigation on behalf of ABSA Bank and Investec Bank. Andrew’s approach to litigation is to endeavour to resolve matters as expeditiously as possible, rather than embarking on lengthy and protracted litigation.

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