Family Law

At Johnston and Partners our family, matrimonial and divorce department offers expert advice and assistance in all aspects of divorce, separation, matrimonial and family law matters.

We offer broad knowledge and years of experience on the complete range of family, matrimonial and divorce law issues. We collaborate with you on how best to resolve disputes that you may face and we assist you to achieve your aims with the help of our divorce, matrimonial and family law specialists.

Our success in this sensitive field of law has established our formidable reputation.

Our expertise of Family Law Includes:

  • Divorce
  • Access and Custody Applications
  • Family violence
  • Interdicts
  • Maintenance
  • Adoptions
  • Ante-nuptial contracts
  • Settlements
  • Matrimonial contracts
  • Liquidation and Distributions of Matrimonial Estates


We understand that divorce can be relatively simplistic provided the parties approach divorce as it would a contract. We do, however, understand that emotional strain can cause unnecessary worry. At Johnston and Partners our objective is to advise and assist clients involved in divorce in a sympathetic but objective manner.


We understand that this area of the law can result in ongoing litigation. We assist clients in maintenance claims in regard to a spouse as well as the children both during and after divorce or separation. We will always assess a matter and provide sound advice, in particular when a minor child is involved.


We deal with an array of disputes relating to children, including, but not limited to, care and contact disputes, parental rights and responsibilities, unmarried fathers’ rights, the implementation of parenting plans, child relocation and international child abduction.


This area of law has unfortunately seen prominence over the years and sadly, domestic violence is the most common human rights abuse in South Africa. In this regard, Johnston and Partners will always assist clients in obtaining protection orders against an abusive partner or spouse, provided there is evidence to suggest that such an order is warranted.


This area of law one example in which the pending nuptials and life together must be considered in light of sound legal principles. This contract is a key legal decision that you should make with your partner and must be discussed openly and honestly. We assist clients to make the correct decision and draft tailor-made Antenuptial Contracts to suit their particular circumstances.


Unfortunately, contested divorce proceedings can take many years to finalise and at Johnston and Partners we place an emphasis on mediation as opposed to litigation. Mediation is a positive approach to divorce and the focus in mediation is on problem solving, on developing a positive parenting plan and on establishing effective communication between the parties.

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