Social Responsibility

Johnston and Partners | Social Responsibility

The Firm participates in various Corporate Social Investment (“CSI”) programs which undoubtedly play an important role, particularly in South Africa where social needs are considerable.

As part of our contribution, we donate funds and/or supplies to the Domino Foundation on an annual basis.

The Domino Foundation is a non-profit organisation that creates essential structures geared to meet the needs of the vulnerable and impoverished communities.

The Domino effect is achieved through focused interventions which include:

  • Domino Babies Homes;
  • Domino Feeding;
  • Domino Early Childhood Development;
  • Domino Life Skills;
  • Domino Literacy Program.

We also participate and sponsor -/- donate towards various Fundraisers throughout the year.

Substantial discounts are provided to disadvantaged and/or previously disadvantaged persons, particularly in Conveyancing matters.

Significant time, funds and resources are invested to ensure that we meet our CSI goals which we strive to maintain and exceed in the years to come.