Trusts & Estates

It is sound principle that when you consult a lawyer you ensure that every aspect of your estate will be handled professionally with personal attention to every detail

At Johnston and Partners, having had many years of experience in this field, we understand the need to approach complex issues creatively, with your interests in mind. We aim to protect you against future legal problems. Having a relationship of confidence and trust with the person who will be your executor and trustee is very important.

At Johnston and Partners, we express the profound view that every living person ought to have a will and, in particular, where you own property, have business interests, in order to ensure that your estate devolves in accordance with your wishes and not in accordance with the laws of intestate succession.

We will manage the administration of an estate professionally, sensitively and efficiently in order to enable the family to move on with their lives. Our Estates attorneys will remove the burden of the estate administration from you and you will be kept informed of what processes are taking place and what to expect in the future. The time required to wind up an estate will differ depending on the assets and liabilities involved in the estate.

Johnston and Partners has  over many years  gained invaluable knowledge in the law of Trusts. Our attorneys are adequately qualified to guide you through all the processes and they will explain the variable trusts that can be formed, and the pros and cons of the options available. In practice, a trust deed is the initiating document to the formation of a trust. In essence it is a contractual arrangement between a Founder and the Trustees, in terms of which the assets of the trust are placed under the administration and control of the Trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

At Johnston and Partners, we understand the importance of estate planning and we are happy to discuss this with you.

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